Orange juice drinks

orange juice drinks

Orange juice is essential to any well-stocked bar and many of our favorite cocktail recipes rely on it. Explore the best orange juice drink recipes. Mar 7, Just champagne and orange juice, mixed in a flute and sipped to this exceedingly simple drink—a dash of orange bitters works well, too. Mar 23, We probably all have orange juice in our fridge. Here are five simple It is a flavorful and mildly sweet fruity drink, without being overpowering. orange juice drinks Few mixed drinks are as easy as the popular Screwdriver. It is not only an The Screwdriver is, quite simply, vodka and orange juice. There is no mystery or. Jan 16, For many people, a Screwdriver was the first cocktail they ever had. But this simple mixture was probably made with sub-par orange juice and. The Tequila Sunrise is another orange juice based cocktail, like the Screwdriver, the Orange Blossom and the Harvey Wallbanger. The long-standing appeal of.