Mondo drink

mondo drink

Mondo is a line of fruit-flavored beverages marketed primarily towards children. Manufactured and distributed by the Jel Sert Company, production of Mondo. Artificially flavored fruit drink has 50% less sugar than the leading fruit drinks per serving! Plus, each has 20 calories and 0 grams of fat per bottle. Plastic. Kids love Mondo bottles in their lunchbox, after school or after a game. And moms, it has 50% less sugar than other drinks to make healthy choices part of the fun.

Mondo drink -

There were only two flavors to choose from back then: Best warm starbucks drinks, blue food turned out to be a fad rather than a trend, and these days it's hard to find blue treats. Since both of these drinks are dirt cheap - usually about a dollar for a sixpack - I would choose the Kool-Aid. The blue flavor is more diluted and the actual taste is as much sugarwater as it is blue razz. This disappoints me, because the "blue raspberry" flavor commonly associated with the mondo drink has long been one of my favorites, mondo drink. There is a hint of "body" to the liquid, just like you might find in other flavored beverages. Newer Post Older Post Home. mondo drink Mondo Mondo Commercial