Miami vice drink recipe

miami vice drink recipe

a Miami Vice cocktail. This recipe originally appeared as part of “Tiki Grows Up: Three Drinks That Will Win You Over.” Ingredients in The Miami Vice Cocktail. This Miami Vice cocktail is a slushy, layered dessert cocktail dream. juice, and then just chill out and enjoy one of the best tropical rum mixed drinks ever made! *You may also use strawberry daiquiri mix and piña colada mix for each layer. One of Miami's namesake beverages, this delightfully kitschy cocktail couples a frozen Piña Colada with a frozen strawberry Daiquiri. This version from th. miami vice drink recipe Miami Vice - Tipsy Bartender

Miami vice drink recipe -

Appears in my Collections. Now, it is time to combine. Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. Our goal is to share easy recipes that make your life a little easier, amazing party drink ideas photos that help you plan your dream vacation and real life tips! You've got fine taste — keep track of your X items! Be sure to clean the blender before preparing. Make and share this Miami Vice Frozen Drinks recipe from Genius Kitchen. Miami Vice Drink Recipe you will love! This frozen cocktails the perfect combination of strawberry and pina colada. May 1, Copy Cat Carnival Miami Vice Cocktail Recipe! This frozen I love how great this Miami Vice Drink looks in the glass. So fun for tropical parties.