Mexican rice drink

mexican rice drink

Cool off with an horchata. An icy cold Mexican rice drink with a splash of vanilla and cinnamon. Apr 3, Horchata Recipe: Mexico's Favorite Rice Drink. Among the aguas frescas served throughout Latin America, horchata (or-CHAH-tah) tops the list of favorites in Mexico. The refreshing chilled beverage combines water and/or milk with fruit, seeds, nuts, or grains (such as sesame or. Jul 21, Strawberries, cantaloupe, and papaya flavor these festive, easy-to-slurp rice drinks, which take after horchata, a beverage sold on the streets of. How To Make Horchata - A Refreshing Mexican Rice Drink With Cinnamon By Rockin Robin Have you ever tasted horchata — the sweet Mexican rice milk made with cinnamon? It's one of my family's favorite drinks. Naturally, I wanted better for my family. Mexican Horchata - Refreshing Cinnamon & Rice Drink Put rice, 2 cups water, and cinnamon sticks in a blender and process until the rice and cinnamon are. Feb 28, Horchata is one of Mexico's most common agua frescas: an easy-to-make rice flavored drink that offers up all sorts of great combos!. mexican rice drink