Jolly rancher alcohol drink

jolly rancher alcohol drink

May 23, Vodka Cocktails. The Jolly Rancher is a great way to dress up the popular Cape Cod (or vodka cranberry). It is, quite simply, a mix of apple vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. Mar 6, These Boozy Jolly Rancher Slushies are the ultimate summer drink. You can store your jolly rancher infused vodka for up to a few months. Here it is folks, the famous and incredible-tasting Jolly Rancher Vodka! To serve, pour Jolly Rancher vodka into a shot glass and shoot or mix into drinks to.

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Jolly rancher alcohol drink -

I'll come back tomorrow and tell ya'll how they turned. Can you mix the flavours? How To Make The Jolly Rancher Cocktail or Shot jolly rancher alcohol drink