Is it safe to drink urine

is it safe to drink urine

Jul 6, At MSR, we get this question a lot: Can you filter your urine and drink it for rehydration in an emergency situation? Should you? The confusion. Is it safe? While drinking a little bit of your own urine probably won't hurt you, it's definitely not as safe as a glass of water. It may sound horrible, but why do people drink urine? Can it hurt you? And should you do it?.

Is it safe to drink urine -

It may be true that people have survived that did drink urine such as being stranded at sea but that does not mean they would not have survived if they did not. That means the filter will get out bacteria, parasites, and even some viruses. Keep in mind that your kidney does an amazing job of filtering out the impurities that enter your body, and they exit your body in your urine.

: Is it safe to drink urine

Is it safe to drink urine There is very little research showing that drinking urine has any medical benefits. Thus, the concentration of waste products is higher in urine from dehydrated people. As far as pee being safe to drink… urine is indeed sterile, and your urine is also mostly water. For example, consider these ways of finding water in the wilderness which include methods like collecting dew and following ants. Reports dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt suggest that urine therapy has been used to treat everything from acne to cancer. These are harmless unless they start growing out of control.
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Is It Safe To Drink Your Urine?