Fog cutter drink

fog cutter drink

The Bay Area's best food & drink bloggers have recently lauded the Fog Cutter, and with good reason: it's a delicate, fruity blend of several spirits and juices. Jul 14, One of the most famous tiki cocktails made with gin, the Fog Cutter recipe Buzz for three seconds with a spindled drink mixer (the bar uses a. Forbidden Island • Alameda, CA The Fog Cutter is a classic concoction from the Forbidden Island owner Martin Cate not only serves the tiki drink, at his bar. How to Drink: Scorpion Bowl

Fog cutter drink -

The same observation can be made of the lemon, orange and orgeat which makes this drink a little easier to remember. Don't be fooled by the innocuous colour. This long, fruity drink packs a serious kick. The float of sherry serves to flavor the drink as the ice melts. Summit Sips Explorations in Mixology. We have particularly selected drinks which:. This drink follows an interesting geometric ratio for both spirits and mixers. fog cutter drink to make a fog cutter #1 use bacardi carta blanca superior white rum (%), cognac, rutte dry gin, FLOAT sherry on top of drink and serve without straws. Another of Trader Vic's classic concoctions, the Fog Cutter pairs rum with brandy and gin for a strong (ahem, fog-cutting) punch. Lemon juice and. Folks looking for a stunning, yellow tropical cocktail need to try out this Fog Cutter drink. This beautiful little rum mixed drink combines, bourbon, gin, lime juice.