Cape cod drink recipe

cape cod drink recipe

Make and share this Cape Cod recipe from Genius Kitchen. This is one of my favorite cocktails. The lime is a must - love that good citrus flavor. I always seem. Sep 29, The Heated Cape Cod adds vodka to hot cranberry juice, and the result is a tart, sweet, warm drink with a kick. The Cape Codder initially combined equal parts vodka and cranberry juice softened by sugar and water, but the drink has evolved into a cranberry cocktail. How To Make Simple Vodka Drinks : How to Make a Cape Cod

Cape cod drink recipe -

You must be logged in to post a review. Previous How to Make a Greyhound. Having just come back from road tripping through Cape Cod, I found out that one of my favourite drinks, the vodka cranberry, is also called a Cape Cod, or Cape Codder! Find Meinhilde and Tomiko elsewhere on the web. A Cape Cod is a fairly easy cocktail to make. cape cod drink recipe