Can you drink with dayquil

can you drink with dayquil

Read more for frequently asked questions about DayQuil and how to use it. consume three or more alcoholic drinks every day while taking DayQuil. Q: Does . Cold Meds and ETOH: 5 hours after an appropriate dose of DayQuil as you took, it should be okay to drink in moderation. DayQuil can be dosed every 4 hours. Mar 27, But drinking alcohol while taking popular over-the-counter cold and flu remedies can be a recipe for disaster. Vicks DayQuil is a common.

Can you drink with dayquil -

If you're planning to get completely hammered, well, you pay for a ticket and you take your chances, don't you? It is crucial to never take these substances and operate a vehicle or heavy machinery. Unfortunately, abuse of cough medicine products containing DXM is a common problem among American teens, who take excessive amounts of the drug for its psychoactive effects. Recommended Times Recommend This. Side effects of dextromethorphan can include dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting — and alcohol can worsen these side effects, can you drink with dayquil. If you do mix alcohol and Dayquil, you can become so impaired that you find yourself in dangerous situations, or you put others in danger. How bad an idea is this? can you drink with dayquil Drinking cough syrup