Can you drink expired soda

can you drink expired soda

Is in any way dangerous or unhealthy to drink very old/expired soda? I heard somewhere that very old soda can potentially be harmful to drink, by separating or some . Are you gonna buy some Crystal Pepsi off eBay?. Soda is a beverage, which contains carbonated water with a sweetener and Here are some tips for knowing when you should avoid drinking that can of Coke. According to the New York Times, expired soda is safe to drink. How Do You Lose Weight Fast, Easy and Free? How Can You Burn Calories a Day?.

Can you drink expired soda -

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Can you drink expired soda -

She said that unless the can was damaged, only the taste would be altered, but it would be perfectly safe to drink. Of course, Coke lasts for a shorter period of time if it is not stored properly. I say drink it, and this is coming orgain protein drink someone who drinks one diet coke a day! It won't make you sick. Want a certain soda but can't find it in your hemisphere? I have 12 bottles of expired Diet Coke sitting on my counter. Thanks in advance for all of your help! Im a FTM, and I decided that I wanted a soda. So I brought one from my local store and as I was drinking the soda I noticed the expiration date on the bottle said. Mar 11, And you know, we might just need some caffeine in the form of the dark or ruining my organs that I rarely drink one except at Sam's Club. Maybe I can make a movie starring Julia Roberts suing Coke. I looked it up on the internet but got nothing specifically conclusive on DC or diet sodas in general. Jan 23, I work in a restaurant that can't afford a soda machine, so we serve canned soda. I dealt with a customer complaining about her Diet Coke, which I found odd, but. can you drink expired soda