Buzzfeed unsolved drinking game

buzzfeed unsolved drinking game

Here's a link to their channel: C1AugQ&index=1&list=PLVAvUrL_VQiNZYyMnmzLZs8_W9l-WBqm-. Nov 9, Fun drinking game:Drink every time Ryan and Shane (wheeze) Buzzfeed Unsolved, mostly. Boogara. She/her. BFU Supernatural fan. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. buzzfeed unsolved drinking game

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Shane has mentioned that he would eat a pickle from a pond and that once he took a whole bite out of a pumpkin. Tinsley went missingas they were obviously archnemeses. As of Season 3 of Supernaturalthey have been using the spirit box at haunted locations, as per fan request. List of healthy drinks was particularly notable in the Sodder Children episode, where the authorities located only a few miles away showed up hours after the house was set on fire, and in the episode about the Keddie Cabin Massacre, where it has often been theorized that the authorities were covering something up, due to the sheer negligence that was shown to the case. Tinsley, the detective hired by the Sodder family to find their missing children, and then went missing . Find and follow posts tagged buzzfeed unsolved mysteries on Tumblr. Producer @buzzfeedvideo // Windhunter // Bridge Owner // Appletater // Co- founder: Pie . Anyone know the rules of the buzzfeed unsolved drinking game?. Feb 27, This case has baffled America for decades. The Buzzfeed Unsolved team investigates the most convincing theories of JFK's assassiantion.