Best way to drink tequila

best way to drink tequila

Mar 1, Ah, the infamous trio: tequila, lime, and salt. Don't pretend that on your best friend's birthday you didn't whip out what you wish was Patrón, but. May 4, The good news is that on Cinco de Mayo there's no wrong way to drink tequila ( except excessively). There are, however, methods to selecting. Jul 21, There must be types of tequila that don't have the flavour of the aftertaste of vomit. There must be a way to consume it without having to mask it.

Best way to drink tequila -

How to Grill The Perfect Corn. Disney Debuts Shiny New Treats. Don't lose track of 5 Rules for Drinking Tequila! My father used to drink it this way. You fill a caballito with tequilta and place it upside down carefull not to spill! best way to drink tequila Which Type Of Alcohol F*cks You Up The Most? • Try Guys