Beer mixed drinks

beer mixed drinks

May 2, Nothing says summer quite like fresh watermelon and wheat beer, which is why someone very smart put them together to make this drink. Apr 22, Most beer mixed drinks are easy, though few are as simple as the Shandy. This popular drink requires just two ingredients and is the perfect. The flavors in this cocktail—a healthy pour of Stoli, some sweet and sour ginger-honey syrup*, lime juice, and beer—are straightforward, but make for a refreshing twist on a classic drink. Combine all ingredients in a Moscow Mule cup and fill with crushed ice. beer mixed drinks Aug 21, Beer is good but beer cocktails are better. Here are 10 beer cocktail recipes that will make you think, Why don't I always have beer cocktails?. Jul 7, 10 Beer Cocktail Recipes That Do the Impossible: Make Beer Even Better “ Tastes like a boozy Orangina; I could drink 'em all day long. Jun 1, Moisten the rim of a glass and coat with salt, add ice, a quarter cup of lime juice, and Mexican beer. This cheekily named drink references the Grand Marnier-spiked Cadillac margarita and it's perfect for citrus lovers (do you sense a new favorite breakfast cocktail?).